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  • Research: Netflix binges cost over £2bn in energy use 10th Jul 2020
    Consumers spend more than £2 billion (€2.23bn) globally to cover the electricity needed to watch Netflix for an average of two hours per day according to new research from comparison and switching service The research took global costs per KWh and average television energy consumption to calculate the total cost of energy used to […]
    Colin Mann
  • UK: OneWeb could offer GPS “resilience” 10th Jul 2020
    Alok Sharma, the UK’s Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and the man about to be responsible for running the UK’s arm of OneWeb, told a House of Commons all-party BEIS scrutiny committee that utilising OneWeb as a replacement for Europe’s Galileo GPS system was not key to the acquisition. However, […]
    Colin Mann
  • OneWeb, UK/Bharti court approval expected today 10th Jul 2020
    The joint bid for OneWeb’s assets by the UK government and India telco giant Bharti should get outline approval from the New York Southern District Bankruptcy Court today, July 10th.  There are still a few formal logistical steps to be negotiated and the purchase is not likely to be totally signed off until November 27th […]

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  • Portugal solar auction could lead to first CSP plant 8th Jul 2020
    Portugal launched its delayed second solar auction last month, tendering for 700 MW of new capacity across 12 sites in Southern Portugal. For the first time, the auction includes a new solar plus storage stream which could see Portugal build its first CSP plant. Solar plus storage developers will compete against stand-alone PV projects on […]
    Robin Sayles
  • Receiver installed on world's tallest CSP tower; China completes first Fresnel plant with salt storage 8th Jul 2020
    CSP receiver installed at Noor Energy 1 in Dubai Shanghai Electric and partners have installed the CSP tower receiver at the Noor Energy 1 plant in Dubai, the Chinese company said June 25. The 40-meter receiver increases the height of the tower to 262 m, making it the highest CSP tower in the world. Developed […]
    Robin Sayles
  • CSP builders modify tower storage to combat heat swings 29th Jun 2020
    In a bid to accelerate deployment, the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) published June 12 the world's first best practices report for CSP plants. NREL researchers analyzed data and feedback from 80% of CSP plants operating worldwide, covering parabolic trough and less mature CSP tower and storage technologies. The report sets out a number […]
    Robin Sayles
  • US unveils global CSP learnings; Chile CSP plant to sell carbon credits 29th Jun 2020
    Global CSP report calls on better design handovers The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) published June 12 the world's first global best practice report for CSP plants. The report sets out recommendations to improve the performance and reliability of CSP tower and trough plants, using feedback from 80% of global CSP capacity. Many of […]
    Robin Sayles
  • Abengoa to install first retrofit CSP storage pilot 10th Jun 2020
    Falling PV costs may have curbed CSP growth, but they are also accelerating hybrid CSP-PV deployment. In Spain, CSP operators are designing new storage systems that can be retrofit to existing plants to provide dispatchable power at night. As PV and wind capacity grows, the value of storable power will rise. Spain’s Abengoa is looking […]
    Robin Sayles